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hi guys im hhh123 in forums and my ign in vortex is Commander-Rayquaza7, so what i would like to say is that i got some exp pokes , legends and maybe 1 or 2 events that i would like to trade so ill list the pics of the pokes i want to trade and u can tell me whats ur offer in the posts below. 

Altaria%20(Mega).gifBarbaracle.gifBeartic.gifBlastoise%20(Mega).gifCharizard%20(Mega%20X).gifCresselia.gifDark%20Mew.gifDarkrown.gifDarkrai.gifDialga.gifDiancie%20(Mega).gifGroudon%20(Primal).gifGigalith.gifGenesect.gifHaxorus.gifLatias%20(Mega).gifMeowstic%20(M).gifMeowstic%20(F).gifRaikou.gif Shiny%20Charizard%20(Mega%20Y).gif charizard exp is 788,000  Shiny%20Forretress.gif forretross exp is 600,000 Vivillon%20(High%20Plains).gifVivillon%20(Polar).gif Giratina.gifReshiram.gifShaymin%20(Sky).gifShaymin.gifZygarde.gifZygarde%20(Cell).gif = 18. Regice.gifRegigigas.gifRegirock.gifRegisteel.gifand especially all arceus types except shiny


i hope u guys like it and offer me, u can message me in the game or here.

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