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En3rgetic Exp Shop

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Hello....As i Have lost my previous account and i dont have a legendary at all..so i decided to open my exp shop and train others pokes for leggies or events.......

                                              My Rates :



Normal Legies :.



Unique leggys :



                  For Events or more exp Pm me Here Or on my ign en3rgetic


Important Note : I Dont Use Any Bots ....I trained Ur Pokes With My hands And will train ur poke in 1-2 days ..


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4 hours ago, Sabaw said:

whoa!!!!... i didnt expect that Electric_energy is a botter....maybe some devs cleaned your account thats why you lost it all

Ye am not botter and am not banned .....i have talked to moderator and he said tht its a cache problem...and i must talk to patrick....so dont abuse others  mind ur own buisness

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