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Person is trying to hack into my account. I can send a picture, but I don't know how to on here.

He sent me saying: "Hi,i am giving my shiny and shadow arceus Electric's for free if you want reply." (copy pasted)

Me: "Yes, please"

Leander484: "ok just pm me your pass word and i will put it in till now i have givin atleast 5 people events"

I then left a message remarking he'll get banned for trying to steal my account.

Leander484: "okay if you dont want i've giving so many people events okay bye dont message again"



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He also keeps sending me msg and saying "hey, I have your arceus electric" when I check, it is indeed my arceus electric as original trainer, but I don't remember if I traded any of my arceus with him and he was able to exchange it while the event was ongoing.

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