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this pokemon is glitch

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It keeps happening... i too lost Dark Kyurem,Shadow Diancie,Metallic Darkrai cuz of the glitch... theres no cure fr it as of now... as far as i know, the glitches will get resolved in v4(minimum) or we MIGHT get banned to clean the vermin from the game(i am 1% certain that it ll happen)... but i do have noticed one thing... this might actually help people know when the glitch might hit... as far as i ve been on the maps(for almost a week) with the glitches.... i ve noticed that the glitch doesnt happen for two consecutive pokemon... this condition applies only if ur character goes on for a non stop search without stayin at a particular place without being idle... if it becomes idle for more than 2-5 minutes... i m certain that the very next pokemon or the one after that glitches on you....but this rule isnt always applicable... with my experiments(sacrificing a Metallic Darkrai) i found out that there is a one in a ten chance that two pokemon glitch consecutively... the thing i do is battle a few wild pokemon till some stupid one becomes a glitch... then i go for a non stop search till i get what i want... then i repeat the same... hope this can help you in reducing the losses caused by the glitch... i m certain that we can redduce patrick's pressure of the glitch and let him concentrate on the v4 part so that we can get the update sooner...we might lose some good stuff... but whats the fun without getting pissed off and THEN catching a Shiny Mewtwo!!!!xD

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