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The Great training Service by Himanshu24092002

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The credit for this awesome banner goes to @Just Parky.


I have started this thread to do some training. I will train your pokes to high experience. Let's get started.



For 1 normal leggie- 200k to 300k

For 1 Unique leggie- 500 k to 700 k

For 1 Pikachu Christmas-  Normal-3 Mil Unique- 7 mil

For 1 Caterpie Christmas-  Normal-30 Mil Unique- 60 mil

For 1 Volcanion-  Normal-35 Mil Unique- 70 mil

For 1 Arceus(Water)-  Normal-20 Mil Unique- 30 mil

For 1 Arceus(Electric)-  Normal-16 Mil Unique- 20 mil

For 1 Vivillon(Fancy)-  Normal-7 Mil Unique- 12 to 16 mil

For 1 Vivillon(Pokeball)-  Normal-3 Mil Unique- 6 to 9 mil

For 1 Rotom(Pokedex)-  Normal-7 Mil Unique- 50 mil

For 1 Zygarde(Complete)-  Normal-10 Mil Unique- 40 mil

For 1 Pikachu Cosplay-  Normal-22 Mil Unique- 40 mil

For 1 Togepi (Halloween)-Normal- Not needed Unique- 35 

For 1 Donations-  Normal-80 Mil Unique- 90 mil

More to be added

Currently Training:-


@marllonflaxDxD- Shiny tangroworth to 10 mil(254 k done)

@Phoenix-Mystic Typhosion to 5.5 mil(1.2 mil done)

@demonstriker- Shiny mewtwo to 20 mil(5 mil done)

Waiting list:- 


@l7KillerMachine7l- any poke to 4.8 mil

Training Completed:-


@marllonflaxDxD- Mystic Snubull to 10.5 mil

@hhh123- Hydriegon to 3 mil

I both dont bot and prove it by the time we take and we will always reply to in forum while training

Training pokes to 100 lvl



3 pokes to 100 lvl for 1 Legendary that i dont have (any unique or normal)

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1 hour ago, himanshu24092002 said:

ok but you have to wait i have to do 20 mil more i will appreciate your patience 

Alright NP

Whenever you're free Ping me :)

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1 hour ago, l7KillerMachine7l said:

Mew X 2 Reshiram = 900K


Shiny Latias Shadow Latias = 700K x 2 = 1.4M

Shadow ZygardeShadow CelebiDark GroudonDark Shaymin (Sky)= 600K x 4 = 2.4M

Shadow RayquazaMetallic Mewtwo - 1M x 2 = 2M


Total = 6.7M


Lemme know if u are okay with these rates :)

no i will give these

Mew  Reshiram = 2 x 200 k= 400 K i only want 1 mew


Shiny Latias Shadow Latias = 500 K x 2 = 1 M

Shadow ZygardeShadow CelebiDark GroudonDark Shaymin (Sky)= 550 K x 4 = 2 M

Shadow RayquazaMetallic Mewtwo - 700 k x 2 = 1.4 M

total 4.8 M  

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1 hour ago, dhiraj29 said:

Kyurem black only 3m ??.. in fames shop .he is giving 8m exp for kyurem black

so go there its pokedex count is above 2500

@marllonflaxDxDyour 1 poke is about to done so pm me i have some queries

and my speed is reduced so sorry for that will do more in weekends

Edited by himanshu24092002
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