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How to trade on Pokemon Vortex v3

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How to trade on Pokemon Vortex v3



Feeling like your team isn't good enough and you just can't find a certain species of Pokemon? Well don't feel that way. There is always a second option, called 'Trade'! Here, you can search by username to see what your buddies got on trade, or you can search by a Pokemon name. Simple! Don't know how to go to trade, set up a trade, or accept or decline a trade? Well here I am going to explain it all! 


How do I get to trade? 

First, go into Pokemon Vortex. Then if you look at the top of your screen or mobile device you will see a 'Your Account' Button. Click on that. After clicking on 'Your Account' you should see a list of many things. Click 'Trade Pokemon'. 


How do I put a Pokemon up for Trade?

It's simple. First, follow the steps to go to trade. Then, once you have clicked trade you should see this:

'Trade home | Select a Pokemon to put up for trade | Pokemon up for trade | Pokemon you have offered | Recent trade notifications'

Click on 'Select a Pokemon to put up for trade.' No Pokemon are showing up? You say? Well look no further than underneath the 'Put Multiple Pokemon Up For Trade' and beside the 'View' text, there is 'All Your Pokemon'. Click on that amazing button. Then select the Pokemon you want to put up for trade and... viola! Once a Pokemon is up for trade you will not be able to put it on your team.


How do I get to Wonder Trade?

Click 'Your Account' Then press 'View All Your Pokemon' Next to one of your Pokemon you should see underneath 'Actions', a 'Wonder Trade' button. Click on that. Next you will need to wait till you are put into the Wonder Trade System. Once you are put into the system your page should reload to, usually a blank screen, and then the Wonder Trade Page. Here you will wait until you are matched with someone to Wonder Trade with. But be aware! If you trade a good Pokemon there is  a high chance you will not get your Pokemon back! 


How do I accept and decline a Trade?

Follow the steps to get to 'Trade'.  Then press 'Pokemon Up For Trade', here you will see your Pokemon up for trade, and your offers for that Pokemon, if any. Press 'View Offers (?)'. Here you should see any offers people have made towards your Pokemon. If you like that offer and are willing to trade click 'Accept Offer', if you do not like the offer and do not want to trade press 'Decline

Offer'. Again, once you press accept, you will never get your Pokemon back. 


Good luck Trading and Have FUN!

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