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Experience Pokemon Giveaway [Ended]

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Lets directly move on to the prizes :D


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1. Golurk(15 million exp)

2.Dark Steelix (Mega)(13.2 million exp)

3.Garchomp(11.8 million exp)

4.Shiny Golurk(11.6 million exp)

5.Shiny Magmortar(11.5 million exp)

6.Ninetales(11.2 million exp)

7.Metallic Shaymin (Sky)(11.1 million exp)

8.Metallic Rayquaza (Mega)(8 million exp)

9.Mystic Sableye (Mega)(4 million exp)

10.Shadow Rayquaza (Mega)(2.5 million exp)

11.Metallic Raikou(2.2 million exp)

12.Shiny Kyurem(1.7 million exp)

13.Shiny Sableye (Mega)(1.5 million exp)

14.Shiny Aggron (Mega)(1.2 million exp)

15.Shadow Lugia(1 million exp)

Well thats it. Just post your ign below and ill choose 15 random winners on wednesday.

Note : For all the people who think that i have botted the pokemons above i can just simply say 1 thing. plz do not destroy my thread by posting nonesense about it and destroying my thread. If u think the pokemons above are botted then plz dont enter. Most of the above pokemons have been trained by me except for a few which i have traded.

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