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Unique Legend Giveaway

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Heres another giveaway for u guys :)

This giveaway is rigged so no point of entering



Dark ArticunoMetallic ArticunoDark AzelfMystic AzelfShiny AzelfMetallic CobalionMystic CobalionShadow CobalionMetallic CelebiMetallic CelebiShadow CelebiDark DarkrownMetallic DarkrownShiny DarkrownDark DialgaMetallic DialgaMystic DialgaShadow DialgaShadow DialgaShiny DialgaDark Diancie (Mega)Metallic Diancie (Mega)Metallic Diancie (Mega)Metallic DiancieShadow Diancie (Mega)Dark DeoxysMystic DeoxysShadow DeoxysShiny DeoxysMetallic EnteiMystic EnteiShadow EnteiShadow EnteiShiny EnteiDark GenesectDark GenesectMystic GenesectMystic GenesectShadow GenesectShiny GenesectDark GiratinaMetallic GiratinaShadow GiratinaDark GroudonMetallic GroudonMystic GroudonDark HeatranShadow HeatranShiny HeatranDark Ho-ohMetallic JirachiMetallic JirachiMystic JirachiShadow JirachiShiny JirachiMystic KeldeoShadow KeldeoShiny KeldeoDark KyogreMetallic KyogreShadow KyogreShadow KyogreShiny KyogreDark KyuremMetallic KyuremMystic KyuremShiny KyuremShiny KyuremDark LandorusMetallic LandorusMystic LandorusShadow LandorusShiny LatiasShadow LatiosDark LugiaDark LugiaMetallic LugiaMetallic LugiaMetallic MespritShadow MespritShadow MespritShiny MespritDark MewMetallic MewMystic MewShadow MewDark Mewtwo (Mega X)Mystic MewtwoDark MoltresMystic MoltresShadow MoltresDark PalkiaMetallic PalkiaMystic PalkiaShiny PalkiaShiny PalkiaMetallic PhioneMetallic RaikouShadow RaikouMetallic RegiceDark RegigigasMetallic RegigigasMystic RegigigasShadow RegigigasShiny RegigigasDark RegirockMystic RegirockMystic RegirockShadow RegirockDark RegisteelMystic RegisteelMystic RegisteelShadow RegisteelShiny RegisteelDark ReshiramMetallic ReshiramShadow ReshiramMystic ShayminDark Shaymin (Sky)Mystic Shaymin (Sky)Mystic Shaymin (Sky)Shadow Shaymin (Sky)Shiny Shaymin (Sky)Mystic SuicuneShadow SuicuneShiny SuicuneDark TerrakionMetallic TerrakionMystic ThundurusDark TornadusShadow UxieShadow UxieDark VictiniShadow VirizionShadow VirizionShiny VirizionMystic Xerneas (Active)Metallic ZapdosShadow ZapdosShiny ZapdosMystic ZekromShadow ZekromShiny ZekromDark ZygardeMetallic ZygardeMystic ZygardeShadow ZygardeShiny Zygarde

(WOAH! thats a totalof 148 unique legends. Didnt know i had so many) :P

Well thats about it folks i know they r very few in numbers so youll have to do with these only :P

The giveaway ends on thursday.

For those of u who r wondering y i am holding so many giveaways plz check my status update :)

Prizes will be given as listed below



Plz note that the user above u will chose the legends beforw u and then youll choose from the remaining list



1. 16 including 4 deoxys/giratina/groudon/kyogre/latias/latios/mewtwo

2. 16 including 4 deoxys/giratina/groudon/kyogre/latias/latios/mewtwo

3. 16 including 4 deoxys/giratina/groudon/kyogre/latias/latios/mewtwo

4. 15 including 4 deoxys/giratina/groudon/kyogre/latias/latios/mewtwo

5. 14 including 3 deoxys/giratina/groudon/kyogre/latias/latios/mewtwo

6. 14

7. 14

8. 14

9. 14

10. Well u get the remaining 14 :P

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Guest Padmnabh Kulkarni

Ign: Doom4life    . By the way thanks for conducting this awesome giveaway!!its my first time i am participating!!!i am sooo exited!!


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