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Loki's Giveaway {Ended}

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Here's a small little giveaway because why not?


ENDS: December 1st


EDIT: Just a warning, if any of the rules are not followed in your post, your entry will be discounted. You have until the contest ends to edit it. 


If you need pickup line ideas, check out the "Me Trying to Flirt" series on Youtube, she'll have some good ideas. 



1) Please post your IGN.

2) Your favorite sun and moon pokemon. 

3) Your best pick-up line.

Try to be original or at least try and make it seem like you didn't copy and paste. 

You will NOT be entered if you put "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" or any variation of that.

Only enter once.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!



1st: Shadow Giratina (Origin)

2nd: Rotom (Pokedex)

3rd: Shadow Vivillon (Pokeball)

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IGN: Booshe-Kun

RowletImage result for rowlet Image result for cute rowletImage result for rowletImage result for rowlet


Are you a magician? Cause I'm gonna disappear my Image result for weedles meme in you.:x;):<3_<3::><:(Please no one take my original idea.)


Thanks for this super, awesome, amazing, great giveaway. Once again, u are awesome, the best, and amazing to me. This seems big to me instead, of small. Eh? I guess it's just me. Stay AWESOME! U are my #1 always and forever on. Don't forget. I really love how generous, nice, kind, and humble u are. Please stay that way because, I love it. Also, I never had a donation pokemon and it will mean the world if I have one.

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I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was
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IGN: tungtung

Pokemon : oranguru


line : getting your heart its just like team rocket getting pikachu,, i will never give up...

*pfftttt,,, i suck at this xD

thanks for the awesome giveaway xD 

Edited by pan
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Amazing prizes! :o Thanks for the giveaway. My ign is JustParky


My Favorite Sun & Moon Pokemon is Mimikyu


And my best chat up line has to be "Hey girl ima call you Vortex. Because you're going down on me tonight..." xD 

Although i do love some others such as...




Alolan Muk


Alolan Meowth


Alolan Vulpix



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Ign : Twisted_killer

Favourite Pokemon : Rowlet

Pick Up Line :  If I Got Superpowers First Off all I will destroy MYself....


Thanks For Giveaway Bro :D

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IGN: ShadowConspiracy


Pokemon? Some cute stuff. Rowlet

I don't really have a pick-up line. Is this allowed? (atleast I didn't copy and paste hehe)


Some prizes there! Thanks! :x

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