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God's Giveaway Series : Giveaway 3

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God's Giveaway Series : Giveaway 3


This giveaway will let you you win 50 million on this sexy Ditto. Like look at this piece of beauty baby :<3_<3: Please don't ban me Patricia baby.

Real Rules

  1. All Forum Rules Apply
  2. Enter only once though idk why you would really wanna win these legends.
  3. This giveaway is rigged so I don't really give the winners their pokemons ;) 
  4. Be happy :P
  5. Prizes listed below


Oh I forgot the "How to Enter" part oopsies :P Post this:

  • IGN:     

Real Prizes


1st Place: KyogreGroudonPalkiaDialgaKyuremLugia 



2nd Place: LatiosLatiasLandorusRegirockReshiram

3rd Place: YveltalZekromRegigigas

4th Place:HeatranJirachi

5th Place:Genesect


Winners picked on December 1st. (Had to change the date cause something came up. :( )




Contest will be cancelled if more than 15 people don't join...Like c'mon these are some sexy legends.


Update: ---> Only 1 FRIGGIN REPLY AFTER 8 VIEWS tsk tsk tsk ¬¬

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ign: Booshe-Kun

Thanks for the giveaway, broski/my bad I just seen this giveaway just, now. I hope more people come. You are awesome for this!:)Matter a fact, I'll get u noticed because, u deserve it and u are to kind and generous, for this. Stay awesome, my dude!

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