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VIP's Pokemon Hunting Services


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I noticed that there was no "decent" Pokemon Hunting Thread in the Forums. By that I mean, no proper thread, organized with fixed rates for their loyal Customers. I have decided to create one. Very soon you WILL realize this is the BEST HUNTING THREAD IN VORTEX.



  • All Forum Rules Apply. They are there to be followed.
  • No arguing or fighting.
  • Rates CAN be negotiated.
  • I will hunt 5 Pokemon of yours in 1 week. If you need me to hunt more than 5 Pokemon, add a day for each Pokemon.
  • Be Patient.
  • If I am within the time limit and catch your Pokemon you cannot back out because you traded for it or found it somewhere. THAT IS UNFAIR TO ME!


Rates and Key


This Key will show you the rarity of Pokemon I hunt for. If the Pokemon you need falls under a "Rare Pokemon Category," I will charge extra. Check the Rates next to each Category.


Normal Rarity

  • All Normal Non-Legends fall under the "Normal Rarity Category." 
    • I will hunt 7 of these per Normal Legend
    • I will hunt 10 of these per Unique Legend
    • I have special rates for Events, ask me for them


Medium Rarity

  • All Unique Non-Legends that are not listed under "High Rarity" fall in this Category.
    • I will hunt 3 of these per Normal Legend
    • I will hunt 5 of these per Unique Legend
    • I have special rates for Events, ask me for them


High Rarity

  • Any Unique Types of these Non-Legends below: 
  • SableyeMunchlaxAbsolTogepiRioluBunearyEeveeCharmanderSquirtleHappinyCleffaPichuChimcharSewaddleAzurillBudewCaterpieMareep
    • I will hunt 1-2 of these (Depending on Type) per Normal Legend
    • I will hunt 3-4 of these (Depending on Type) per Unique Legend


Current Jobs



Waiting List




Previous Jobs





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16 hours ago, R3LOADED1 said:

I noticed you didn't have Legendary Pokemon as a part of your thread. Do you not do legendary jobs? If you do, what are your rates? 

I can hunt Legends if someone gives me an offer. I will charge 2-3 legends for each legend I hunt.

16 hours ago, DNMSFalcons said:

Why do you hunt normal pokemon that you can easily find on maps and only want legends!? I'm going to go look for some other hunting services. Thank you for your time.

First of all, that's what hunting services do...they HUNT for other people and charge legends.

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