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PIKAVOLT's First Giveaway!!!!!!

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Rules for PIKAVOLT's First Giveaway!

1. Post Your IGN:

2. Post What Your Favorite Pokemon Is! 

3. There will be 5 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners!

4. Winners will be announced in 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!

you will get to choose a pokemon from the list depending on what place you got!



1st Place: Lugia Shadow DarkraiSuicuneRaikouShaymin

2nd place: Metallic RhyperiorVenusaur (Mega)SamurottGengar (Mega)Bisharp

3rd Place: Vivillon (Savanna)Vivillon (Savanna)Vivillon (Savanna)Vivillon (Savanna)Shiny Magikarp




1st Place: @GodsWithin, @CadderIy, @carrliam761


2nd Place: @Daniel Martins, @DeadlyPyton


3rd Place: jeanpiert012396@gmail.com, @Pisyowboy1


My IGN: PIKAVOLT                                                          OFFER UP IN 5 - 10 MINUTES OR YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR PRIZE!


Edited by Noah Michael Metivier
Winners are announced!!!!!!!!
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