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What pokemon have you won in the slots?

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Caterpie (Christmas)   x 4 Dark Caterpie (Christmas)x2    Metallic Caterpie (Christmas)x6    Mystic Caterpie (Christmas)  x2    Shadow Caterpie (Christmas)x4     Shiny Caterpie (Christmas)x3    Diglett (Christmas)   x3     Dark Diglett (Christmas)    x1   Mystic Diglett (Christmas) x3  Shadow Diglett (Christmas)x1       Shiny Diglett (Christmas) x3       Pikachu (Christmas)x3     Dark Pikachu (Christmas)  x1    Metallic Pikachu (Christmas) x4     Mystic Pikachu (Christmas)  x1    Shadow Pikachu (Christmas)   x2    Shiny Pikachu (Christmas)  x4  


It's been a looooong luck.  I'm close to 35,000 spins and imagine the money i used xD



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