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Small Chrstmas Giveaway

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I was feeling kinda generous, so here you go. Follow the rules or be disqualified. UPDATE! THERE WILL NOW BE THREE WINNERS!



1. Post a spicy or dank Christmas related meme

2. Send cake

2. Enter your ign

3. Say how much pokedollars you wasted on the event (If you didn't gamble, good job.)

How to get disqualified


1. Only enter your ign

2. Copy a meme already posted here

3. Don't post a Christmasy meme

4. Suck up to me




1.Diglett (Christmas)promo code

2. Pikachu (Christmas)

3.Pikachu (Christmas) 

 That's all. No uniques here. Deal with it :)

I don't have pikamas codes cause I was stupid and took a screenshot. Some lucky ducks redeemed those ;( Deal with me as the ot lol

The event will end on Christmas day @ 10 PM PST. Good luck and may the hax be with you.



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                                                                                       IGN: Iceflake99109

                                                                             Pokecoins: Idk too many to count :S 

                                                                Christmas Meme: Image result for christmas memes

                                                                                 Thanks. BTW here's your cake :P  Image result for nutella cake

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1 hour ago, DNMSFalcons said:

Ign- DNMSFalcons

Meme-  I have no clue how to enter it, haters gonna hate..

Cake- I ate it..

Money- 127,500 dollars wasted 

Disqualified :) 

jk, just use a photo sharing website to post it. Also, gimme cake u meanie.

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