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how to do something


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You can chat by using our Discord server:


You can obtain the :MasterBall: by buying 100,000 Pokedollars or win them in the Sidequests. Others can be bought in the Item Inventory (Pokemart).

Also try using the exact pokemon's name such as Squirtle not squirtle to add a picture to your post.

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Hey Robbie! Pokemon Vortex has a chat server called Discord! To access it all you have to do is click on this link! Discord Chat Link To put an image of Squirtle all you gotta do is type "Squirtle" after clicking the Orange Pokeball! Remember the first letter must always be capitalized for it to work! You can buy different Pokeballs from the Pokemart which you can access through "Item Inventory" which can be found under the "Your Account" tab. :) Enjoy!


@Uncle_Psychic Move to Qs. ty

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