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Drawnzer's Trade Thread

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This is a rather simple trade thread. There are some specific pokemon I am trying to get to complete my sets.

I will be updating this list every time my current goal has been met, so we can focus on specific pokemon only.

Right now, what I need is these stuff:


KyogreMetallic KyogreShiny Kyogre

Dark GroudonMetallic GroudonShadow Groudon


You can look at what I have for trade in my ign Drawnzer and ask if you want something in specific from there or something which is not there, in the replies here.

Just be sure to reply here or message me before making an offer.
Kindly refrain from asking legends which I do not have in spare.


After these pokemon have been obtained, I will update it with the next list of stuff.

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1 hour ago, Mr.Magnificent said:

@Drawnzer You were running a contest before, was it deleted or something?

Anyways, are you only offering legends for kyogres?

The contest was poorly framed, I will be framing a better one with the same prize soon enough.
And depends, like what would you want for them?

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1 hour ago, R3LOADED1 said:

There are 6 pokemon @Haxor69. Why don't you read the rules, and don't post double status updates? 

You need three things for trade mentioned on your thread  <_>

And what double Status Update? Kappa

This rule:

-You can link your IGN in your thread, but you still have to have at least 6 pokemon posted.

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