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Event prob

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I was playing the event I got the matches but is said nothing match and this has happened three times to me first I thought it was some bug so I ignored but this time I have been spinning for hrs and when I finally got something it says nothing match i even have a ss of it so I want refund for this as a pokemon or a blue orb cuz this is frustrating

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Be more specific with the Screen shot.

I think the problem you're having is that you think if the Christmas (or other win Pokemon) Pokemon are not in middle (horizontally) you still think you win. The win Pokemon must horizontally in the middle .

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You may have gotten a match of charmander, charmeleon, squirtle, wartortle, bulbasaur, or ivysaur. If that was the case, you would get no prize from getting a match. Just read the possible prizes to be sure.


Q - What combinations class as a winning spin?
A - The following combinations are winners:

  • 3 x Charizard - Spin refunded.
  • 3 x Blastoise - Spin refunded.
  • 3 x Venusaur - Spin refunded.
  • 3 x Kyogre - 1 Blue Orb.
  • 3 x Pikachu - 1 random Pikachu (Christmas) Promo code.
  • 3 x Diglett - 1 random Diglett (Christmas) Promo code.

Anything other than the pokemon listed above will not reward you with a prize or a refund. 

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