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:^_^:Well I have been lucky in this event. So collected like multiple sets. So i decided to trade them :^_^:


I dont need legends neither exp. Please avoid offering those


As usual i'll end auction as soon as i find fair enough offer


So, Heres what i got.


AUCTION 1:  Shiny Magearna (Original)


AUCTION 2: Caterpie (Christmas)Dark Caterpie (Christmas)  Metallic Caterpie (Christmas)  Mystic Caterpie (Christmas)  Shadow Caterpie (Christmas)  Shiny Caterpie (Christmas)


AUCTION 3:  Diglett (Christmas)  Dark Diglett (Christmas) Metallic Diglett (Christmas)  Mystic Diglett (Christmas)   Shadow Diglett (Christmas)  Shiny Diglett (Christmas)



AUCTION 4:     Pikachu (Christmas)  Dark Pikachu (Christmas)  Metallic Pikachu (Christmas)  Mystic Pikachu (Christmas)   Shadow Pikachu (Christmas)   Shiny Pikachu (Christmas)


AUCTION 5Arceus (Water) Dark Arceus (Water)  Metallic Arceus (Water)




AUCTION 6:  Zygarde (Complete)  Vivillon (Fancy)  Rotom (Pokedex) Togepi (Halloween) Metallic Pikachu (Jedi)   Dark Missingno.   Metallic Kyurem (White)   Metallic Rotom (Halloween)   Metallic Vivillon (Fancy)  Shiny Rotom (Pokedex)   Rotom (Halloween)   Shadow Arceus (Electric)   










Thank You :^_^:





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