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Some things that require fixing

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Here I will list some things I noticed today that require fixing.

1. Happiness

When you open a Pokemon in the side bar, you see the Happiness level at the second last line (Happiness: <number of hearts> [?]). The problem is that that when the [?] is clicked, it leads to forums link which does not exisist. It should lead to the Part of the wiki that explains about Happiness.

2. In game name "Magikarp"

As far as I know, you cannot have two or more times the same attack on a Pokemon. Here 6 Magikarps (5 normal and 1 Dark) are found which have the move "Flail" three times each.

3. Shiny Pikachu Pop Star cannot learn a move for Icicle crash

Sorry if I'm not accurate on this one, but I traded that Pop star away... but anyways, I had about 2 million PokeMoney and I wanted to teach my Shiny Pop Star a move for Icicle crash but it always said I had insufficient money.

I also had a fourth one, but it was my mistake. I'll make new topics if I find any other mistakes.

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  • Developer

Magikarp's base moves used to be 

  1. Splash
  2. Flail
  3. Flail
  4. Flail

When v3 was first released. It was to stop the creation of "no damage training accounts"

That's the reason for #2, it's fine.


I'll look into the other two, thanks.


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