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How it can possible?

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How can these accounts find so many legendary pokémons?

goyoce, realbot25

And how do these people manage in a short time to get several exp points? This member Msrocha, look at this Mega Charizard with 54,702,658 in 1 month how is it possible? This member that I also found punpizza33, with a Mega Aggron with 34,777,309 exp how it possible? @Patrick


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There are two ways to have a lots of exp. Either trading away your valuable Events. Or training them yourself.

Again training has two ways. Legal and illegal. Most of the high Experienced pokemom are trained in illegal way. Which is strictly prohibited and can lead to ban. Even having illegal experienced pokemom in your account can lead to ban. 

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To gain Exp you battle weak opponents to your Pokemon and every time you gain some Exp.

These accounts have obviously decide to grind out and gather all the Exp, If you want Exp you can

1. Train it yourself (No Bott)

2. Trade for it (People take different Events for different amounts of Exp, and some times Unique Legends)

3. If your lazy like me just don't get it :D (Its too much effort to train it yourself, and sometimes people have botted Exp so I ain't taking any chances)


If you want Legendaries you caught yourself, simply beat all the Gyms and Elite Four to collect all the badges :P Once done you should be told you can encounter rare Pokemon or something along those lines and just search on maps and you'll find some! Btw i recommend Ultra Balls or Master Balls :) 


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