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Pokémon Vortex

The Time Travel Contest

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Winner will get a nice Dark Zygarde (Complete)


One Entry per person!

Normal Forum Rules Apply

Comment what you believe is the answer.

Admins are not permitted to enter for obvious reasons

:P Sorry


(Closest to correct date wins)


Question: What Day/Month/Year was this screen capture taken of retro Pokemon Vortex?




Will run for 72 hours :)




Seeing as this giveaway is on the forums.. Here's a flashback for old timers ;) (Not part of the contest)




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The picture isn't loading for me :/

I tried using firefox and chrome with no luck. Could you post a lightshot link please?

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Date: 23 August 2012

Thanks for this giveaway. This is awesome. Your the best for this.

Also, @Artistic Films can you change your date please because, you have the same date as me and I was the first person to put it up. You were suppose to have a date that no one else has. Just letting you know. :)And @Anna9. you have the same date as my man, @seth1129400(no homo, just a bro thing or bromance, idk ignore me). xD But please change your answer Anna. 


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Thankxx for giveway                         Ign: devilkills                                     21 February 2013                                                       

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