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I would like to see a place in clans where we can add a background and make our clans unique I own ace of spades [aos] and i would like to make the back ground 4 aces.

i would also like to have alert in messaging or on the screen telling us if we get  a botted pokemon so we dont get banned for having it

i would like to see a few more colors for pokemon vortex v4 other then red blue and black if thats ok

i would like to see a place on your profile that tells u how many pokedex you have completed yes i have it in text on my profile but i would like to see it maybe under the money spot

i think someone mentioned this but i would like a way to change the pokeball your pokemon was caught in i could see paying 1000$  every time u do it

and maybe see some new ribbons where u get a ribbon for making the tt list or top clan or have a pokemon on the top pokemon list please review these and let me know what u think

i wouldnt mind a meter for happiness on my pokemon so i know how far i have to go

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