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Poll To Bring Back An Old Event

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  1. 1. Which previous event would you like to bring back for a short period of time?

    • Kyurem (Black) / (White) Fusion Event
    • Zygarde (Cell) / (Core) / (Partial) / (Complete) Fusion Event
    • Volcanion Released on the Maps
    • Vivillon (Pokeball) / Vivillon (Fancy) Wonder Trade Event
    • Rotom (Halloween) Creeper Battle Event
    • Pikachu (Christmas) Collect all the Pikachu's Event
    • Pikachu (Cosplay) Collect all the Unowns Event
  2. 2. What kind of events are the most enjoyable?

    • Battle based events
    • Collection based events
    • Random events with tasks (E.g. Vivillons)
    • They're all good, just give me my event Pokémon

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  • Developer

Hi everyone!

So with the ongoing development with version 4 of Pokémon Vortex, my time for version 3 is pretty limited. With that, it means I want to focus on v4 as much as possible so I can get it finished, out and ready for you all to start enjoying.

Sadly, this also means I don't have much time for new event creation right now. BUT, fear not, it was times like this which is the reason I made the Event Center the way it is... So you can all vote to bring back old events in times of event dry spells.

So, vote above which one you would like to come back and I will take into consideration (very strongly) whether it will happen or not.

Please note that even though I am taking a public vote on bringing an event back, that does not mean the winning vote is actually going to be back, I might decide against it and do a new event or I might choose something else that didn't win or wasn't even in the poll. This is just to see what people would like to see again. (It also gives me an idea of the events people liked/disliked although this is highly biased since no one will vote for an event that happened a week ago)

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