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hhh123s and Pigniteboy's hunting thread

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                                           Arceus (Fairy)   Introduction Kyogre (Primal)                                                                                          Battle Arena v3    


We decided to open a hunting thread , , , so be sure to give some orders.B|^_^ and We also follow our personal rates , thank you.


Rates :

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 1 unique non leggy = i will hunt for free 

Set of unique non leggy = 1 - 5 unique or normal leggys based on rarity

1 normal leggy = 3 random uniques non leggys or 1 normal legend

1 unique leggy = 6 random uniques  non leggys  or 1 or 2 unique leggys based on rarity

5 sets of non leggys = 1 normal primal

10 sets of non leggys = unique primal              


Current jobs:

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@porymon 5 mystic gibles for metalic zapdos

Jobs done :



Event Section:

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Run only During Events

i hope we hunt perfectly 

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