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Discussion about the next event.

Tags about the next event.  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see which of the pokémon has not yet been released for the next event

    • Luna Munchlax
    • Greninja (Ash)
    • Deoxys Forms
    • Arceus forms
    • Rotom forms
    • Dratini form
    • Floette (Eternal)
    • Furfrou forms
    • Genesect forms
    • Hoopa
    • Keldeo (Resolution)
    • Therian forms
    • Meloetta forms
    • Xerneas (Neutral)

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Which event would you like to see in February? 

Munchlax form Luna Munchlax

Ash greninja formGreninja (Ash)

Deoxys formsDeoxys (Attack)Deoxys (Defense)Deoxys (Speed)

Arceus formsArceus (Ice)Arceus (Psychic)Arceus (Ghost)(I put the 3 just to illustrate)

Rotom formRotom (Wash)Rotom (Spin)Rotom (Heat)Rotom (Cut)

Dratinis formDratiniceDratinilicDratinire

 Floette (Eternal)Floette (Eternal)

Furfrou formsFurfrou (Star)Furfrou (Heart)Furfrou (La Reine)(I put the 3 just to illustrate)

Genesect form Genesect (Aqua)Genesect (Blaze)Genesect (Ice)Genesect (Lightning)


Keldeo (Resolution)Keldeo (Resolution)

Therian formsLandorus (Therian)Thundurus (Therian)Tornadus (Therian)

Meloetta formsMeloetta (Aria)Meloetta (Pirouette)

Xerneas (Neutral) Xerneas (Neutral)


Would you like some other? Then comment below.


PS: The event is already over, our opinions will not influence anything, we just have to wait until February. This is just to interact about the game.

PS2: I forgot how to put the tags, but soon I will remember LOL



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