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ThisNameSux's Giveaway :D

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Hello and welcome everyone to my Giveaway. This will be my second giveaway on the forums, and it's big!


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Simply enter your IGN

No Double posts.

No Double entry.

Don't beg for winning. 

Well. Here are the prizes!


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First Prize:-Shiny Volcanion

Second Prize:-Mystic Magearna (Original)Shiny Magearna (Original)And

Third Prize:- Dark Rotom (Pokedex)Mystic Rotom (Pokedex) 

Fourth Prize:- Caterpie (Christmas) set

Fifth Prize:- Diglett (Christmas)and Pikachu (Christmas)set

A lot eh?

The Giveaway will end whenever I feel like it. Wish you enjoy it! Good Luck!

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5 minutes ago, hhh123 said:

@Rajesh Yadav this giveaway is beyond compare , so thanks , so much i present a song for u = Commander-Rayquaza7 ign


Thanks for reminding me.

People I need your dem songs :D

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