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Who's that Pokemon Guide (Discord)*

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Who's That Pokemon (Guide)*

*Download of 'Discord' required

In order to participate in the Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo & Lunala Event/Game, log in to Pokemon Vortex, then, click the banner on your Dashboard. Clicking the banner will redirect you to a code, download 'Discord' on your Mobile device, then enter the code. In order to get to the quiz, you must search on the Pokemon Vortex Discord Chat Room for #quiz. Once you get here, type !nextquiz, this enables the Pokemon Vortex Bot to tell you when the next quiz is. When the quiz starts, quickly type the Pokemon you think the picture is featuring, The first person the get it will receive a point, first to 10 will win a Cosmog Promo Code. Keep playing for more chances to win codes, the more you play the faster you will get!

-Log in

-Click on the Banner on your Dashboard

-Enter the code into the discord app

-Type !next quiz for the time till the next quiz

-enter the answer as quickly as possible to earn 1 point

-first to 10 wins

Promo code -> Cosmog->Cosmoem-> Solgaleo (Daytime) OR Lunala (Night time)

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