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On 06/02/2017 at 0:51 AM, josephlegendry said:

Why can't I get the page for discord, all that appears is a blank page ,I am using mobile to play. Also if I sign into discord is there any problem is it run by vortex guys . does it demand something or is it like vortex forums plz reply fast I want to get a cosmog

Discord is not run by Vortex, no. It is an independent chat service that I use to run a Vortex based chat.

However, the problem you're facing is probably due to trying to get on in a mobile browser. They have a mobile app which is to be used if you're on a smartphone.
When you download the app and log in, click the Discord link on the in-game dashboard again and it will open your Discord app and put you on Vortex's server where you can join the #quiz channel to enter the quizzes for Cosmog promo codes.


If you're not on a smartphone, the only other option is to use a PC because as I said, Discord is not run by Vortex so we cannot determine its compatibility with mobile browsers, nor do we have any influence over it.

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