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New development

The new development i should make  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. So what should i do from below

    • Do a giveaway in couple of days?
    • Train exp harder and give more free?
    • Or should i make a unique trade thread?
  2. 2. If your voting for 1 number then choose the following :

    • legend giveaway
    • multiple unique leggys?
    • solgaleo or lunala?
    • event?
  3. 3. If your voting for number two choose following

    • should i give more free training ? like 500 k?
    • or even more than 2 mil
    • 3 to 5 mil?
  4. 4. or if u want to choose number 3 select following

    • should it be happiness unique trading thread?
    • leggy unique thread?
    • or fossils unique?

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