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Dialga (Primal)

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As of yet, there is no Primal Dialga in Pokemon Vortex. But what if there was?



It should be an event Pokemon for sure, but what would the event be? Why not search all over the maps for the Time Gears? There are five Time Gears, and each one is in a specific spot on a specific map- for instance, the spot in the top right corner on the top right cave maps, but the spots are randomly generated for each person, so no one can spoil it to anyone else. Once all five Time Gears are found, you can use trade them in for a random Dialga (Primal) and the cycle can repeat itself- find five more Time Gears, trade them in for another Dialga (Primal).


The event would be difficult and time-consuming (not as much as the Deoxys event, but still.)


Not like Patrick is ever going to do this, it is kind of a stupid idea, but I should think I would put it out there for people to refine, and eventually, come up with a Primal Dialga event. Primal Dialga is one of my favorite Pokemon I would like to see in Pokemon Vortex.





Please someone figure out a way to make sprites for this.


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