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There are no Meloettas in Pokemon Vortex as of yet. Being a guy who plays about five instruments in real life (piano, guitar/bass, clarinet, harmonica, ukelele), a musical legendary would be nice to have on my team.


Remember the Cosplay Pikachu event? Collect all the Unowns that are normal?


I do.


Well, this event would have to do with Unowns as well. Basically, the Event Center would show us a picture of a music note on sheet music.  We have to to find the Unown that corresponds with that note and bring it to the Event Center. For instance, if the Event Center shows us a G on the bass clef, then we bring an Unown (G) to the Event Center.


But wait- there's more! The color of the note could determine the kind of Unown we bring. A blue note would mean a Shiny Unown (G), and a red one would be a Shadow Unown (G). The kind of note could also determine the type of Unown- a half note would be mystic, a quarter would be normal, a whole note could be metallic, and an eighth note could be dark.


Just an idea.


However, it won't outright tell us what Unown it's looking for. We have to GUESS the letter, and the type of Unown.

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5 hours ago, porymon said:

Even if say Patrick takes the event into consideration....it would be no fun because we already know how the event works.

Well, I'm just trying to put the whole Meloetta event thing out there. I highly doubt they would do something this complex, though you do bring up a good point.

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