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Good afternoon, gentlemen, administrators, I used to play Pokemon Voxter and today I wanted to play again. My account no longer gives or deleted and I would like to ask you if you can give me the data of my old account since I had all the medals won and some pokemon legendary and I would like to play again since there events and tournaments
This was the ID of my old account if ::::
USSERNAME :: marcavilca
I hope you can help me and return and if you can send me the data to this email
Anthonydll1997@gmail.com or anthony_dll@hotmail.com
I would thank you a lot .

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If your account was created when V2 was around, you won't get it back. Due to the large amount of abuse in the game (botting, scaming, etc.), when V3 came out (the current version of the game), Patrick decided to give the game a fresh start by resetting all accounts. Now if you created an account around November 2015, you should check this out: 

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