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Disinvited from Discord


Greetings, I've been kicked from the Pokemon Vortex Discord.


LankyYouth is my name on there, and my banishment was precipitated by what I thought was fairly innocuous talk regarding figurative impregnation. An example of this would be "the Discord is pregnant with injustice" (I jest), though if such talk is considered objectionable I'd certainly desist from such in the future. 


I would greatly appreciate the continued opportunity to socialize with friends new and old that I've made on there, as well as to compete for Cosmogs that may or may not be named Nebby in the hourly trivias. If someone would be so kind as to reinstate my permissions there then that someone would have my gratitude. <3

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Hey @Polaris


1. You were probably kicked by a mod or admin. 

2. The process to re-join is simple. Click https://discordapp.com/invite/6cSyK4y and you will receive an invite. If you have any question about acceptable behavior in the Pokemon Vortex Discord Channel, there is a channel called #welcome that outlines the rules, also exercise common sense.

3. If you are unable to access the discord by clicking the link, you have been banned from the Pokemon Vortex Discord. Good luck!

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3 hours ago, Polaris said:

I believe I made it clear that I have in fact been banned - and for reasons not specifically outlined in the rules. I am not requesting further clarification, but for an unban with the promise that I'll be good. 

You'll have to PM one of the chat room moderators then. They are @froakielatte, @Tyheamma, @sportsandmusic69, @Becky, @Blair, and @Lunchbox

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