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Banned from discord chatroom.


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Hey @porymon,


1. You probably broke the rules of the Pokemon Vortex Discord chat. The rules are as follows. 

:pokeball: Do not use offensive/profane avatars

:pokeball: Do not set your "playing" status to anything offensive/profane

:pokeball: Do not use offensive/profane nicknames

:pokeball: Cut down on pointless long names that exceed in punctuation or symbols.

Any attempt to break these rules will result in you being kicked from the server so you can amend it. Once you have changed whichever part of your Discord app is not following these rules, you may join the server again. If you have not corrected the broken rule on your Discord then you will be banned and will not be able to return.


2. As the rules clearly state, you will be banned and will not be able to return to the Discord. 

3. You will not be able to participate in quizzes, but you are still allowed to trade for them. 

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