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A Second Set of Sidequests?

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So, I came up with this crazy idea that will never work, but is worth submitting.


So, the current set of sidequests go Kanto-Kalos, with plans to add Holon and Fiore region along with other regions such as Orange Islands, TCG Islands, etc.


What if there was a second set of sideqests that took place in the Mystery Dungeon World? It could be accessed after beating the first set of Sidequests at least once, at which point each set of sidequests could be reset individually from each other. All the Continents, as called in Super Mystery Dungeon, would take the place of regions. You would have to clear each Dungeon in the Continent in order to receive the Sidequest reward.  To clear a Dungeon, defeat at least one of every Pokémon that appears in the Dungeon. The reward for clearing the Grass Continent could be a Time Gear item, used to turn Dialga into Dialga (Primal) (which doesn't exist yet, but would be cool if it did). It should also have sidequest-exclusive Pokemon to battle- for instance, the Bittercold from Gates to Infinity, and Dark Matter from Super Mystery Dungeon. You wouldn't be able to get them, only battle them as the last Pokemon on level 150 in each continent.


But the battle style should also be different. Because there are no trainers in Mystery Dungeon, you battle Pokemon one at a time for the most part. Therefore, you should be able to take only up to 2 pokemon with you into each battle (the player and partner from Mystery Dungeon) until you've cleared the second set of sidequests at least once, and then the limit would be 4 (as is the limit in the Mystery Dungeon games, at least the ones I played).


What do you guys think?

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