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XMvp's trade thread

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Hi guys ! XMvp here trading many events and dp !


i only trade dp for other dp of same value.


Trading Shadow/Shiny Magearna, Volcanion, Shiny/normal Missingno, shadow/dark pikachu libre , mystic/metallic arceus electric ,santapie set, diglet Xmas set , pikamas set, shiny kyurem black/ white, cosmogs, litten, shiny groudon (primal), normal zygarde cell 
LF Dp/events/unique Cosmogs 



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7 hours ago, SquirrelKing CabanaBoy said:

What "type" exactly?

Umm, So The Pokemon Figures arent required?

9 hours ago, VITOL said:

I thought deeply your position and I don't see anything wrong with this trade thread :l


Oh, Just Saw the Thread, I'm a Nub :(

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