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Pokémon Vortex

Little give away

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I am going to study abroad tomorrow. So may I have to quit vortex not sure though .so anyway it's been long since I started vortex.I had good times and bad times any way lots of people have given me pokemon for free now it's my time

Rules are as always

What do u have to do is mention ur ign and comment on something of vortex and guess my lucky number

The prizes are unique mewtwo a togeween and an digillet Christmas .the first one to get there wins

Here is one more thing say why are u crazy about vortex also

No double posting or editing the prizes may increase to more events


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2 minutes ago, TECGAMERS said:



im crazy bcos i love the way to catch and the possibility to catch all of them since pokemoncrater borned 

lol i got messed with that post

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Just now, josephlegendry said:

I like u same reason here I just don't know why. I am playing vortex even just before my exams rishivojjala. But u have wrong no

lol even im playing even tho my xams r around the corner !! 
do we get another try for the number??
and yeah do i win cause i typed 5 jus twith the commnet of your saying answer is 5 ?? cant believe my bad luck :'(

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