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I will not be running this site myself, so this thread will not include a link to a different game

Possibly final edit. Longer-lasting links added.

I'm currently working on an open source Pokemon RPG made with PHP
Pokemon data was obtained from veekun



- IP addresses are hashed before they are inserted into the database
- Queries are performed using PDO
- Text filter that users can choose to disable. Enabled by default
- Option to enable increased account security when logging in, which prevents any other IP from using your authorisation token
- Javascript is optional. No features will require javascript to work correctly
- Users can capture their last found map pokemon at any time. It would be unpleasant if they found a rare pokemon and accidently searched again!
- Deleting messages removes them from the database instead of flagging them as deleted




New screenshots added on 2017-07-10 (original filename: gmrpg_screenshots_2017-07-10)

Source (read below before using):
2017-08-13  (original filename: gmrpg_2017-08-13)


Readded code for get_pagination_html()

Updated the API documentation to include example results
Modified the API
Fixed not performing case-insensitive checks for reserved names in signup.php
User registration now uses the API to check if a username exists
Added new API action: get-news
News now uses the API

Fixed get_pokemon_variety() and get_pokemon_class() not performing case-insensitive checks
Fixed maps not showing a Pokemon's variety
Added staff area
Added new staff action: Add Pokemon
Fixed the trade system
Added 'Remove from trade' button to the Box
Added new API action: get-news-comments

Added user privileges system
Added news comments with double post prevention

Added profile link to the Box
Added Box link on profiles

Added ban system
Added multi-trades

"media" directory renamed to "images"
Fixed warning when trying to access expired form_id_comment cookie

Next release (last updated on 2017-08-13)



How to set up the source:


Read the "Getting started" section of _README.txt in the source

If you notice any sensitive information in any of the sources, please tell me immediately, thanks!

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Links fixed for REAL this time...
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Please update the download link :(  I've been constantly visiting since yesterday. I would love to check out your source code to adopt it for the pokemon rpg i am currently working with.

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Sorry about that. The link text was different than the URL. I would've edited without the WYSIWYG editor but it's no longer possible...

Edit: Well I could make a userscript but it's a waste of time since I don't use the forums anymore

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