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WTF Wondertrade

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Seriously, which idiot invented this stupid wondertrade thing, you can't freaking cancel it or decline it, at first I didn't know what it was, so i put up a shiny jirachi on wondertrade (and it cannot be canceled), and I was expecting something with the same value but no,I got a lv5 togepi, and can't cancel it or anything, just wtf.

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First of all, the "idiot" whom you are referring to is Patrick. You can't really do anything about it, and complaining won't accomplish anything. Just get back to the game and learn from your mistake. :) 

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16 minutes ago, sportsandmusic69 said:

This is the same concept that's taken from the Wonder Trade in the actual Pokemon games. If you don't want to Wonder Trade, next time be a little more patient and take your time to avoid something like this.

I need one Masterball. Can I get yours? xD

Wonder-Trading is Fun!

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