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Some Good Ideas

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1. Getting to choose when/what moves are changed, I shouldn't have to pay a ton of hard to get money to get a move back my Pokémon just had three minuets ago. 

2. Info on the moves your Pokémon has, idk what any of them do now since it leveled up and changed 

3. Be able to fight random trainers players/computer that aren't lvl 100+ :/

4. Easier controls for mobile devices

5. A book like part that lists Pokémon you've captured, like the pokedex but with images and other info. Or all of the Pokémon you have laid out like the Pokémon pc in the games, so I can click on a Pokémon to see its info and when it evolves, it's level, ect

6. A 'buy' button at the top of the pokemart list so when you buy a potion or pokeball you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom

7. The ability to change Pokémon mid-battle

8. Have it say what lvl a Pokémon is when it says how much experience it gained after a battle as well as if it's ready for evolution 


Some more: 
9. Have legendary Pokémon unlock on each region completion. Like, complete unova, unlock unova legendarys
10. Have an option after completing a gym battle to go to the next one so you don't have to hit battle and gym and region then the battle. 

11. After a battle, have your character be in the same spot as before the battle. It's real hard to cross a map.

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1. Not sure what you mean by that... Could you clarify? 

2. If you mean info on the damage, I think that will be implemented in V4. Until then, refer to the wiki:


3. Most users don't have full teams of level 100 pokemon. Just look near the last pages of the "online users" list.

4. That will be improved in V4.

5. V4 will probs have this.

6. This is a pretty good idea. It will probably be fixed in V4 though.

7. This is actually a pretty good idea.

8. This is also a good idea


Most of these ideas will be implemented in V4, so it's just a matter of waiting. 

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Thanks :3

and For the first thing, when you evolve a Pokémon it replaces all of its moves, in the games your able to pick and choose what's forgotten and learned. There's certain moves I always keep but I don't have a say in what they forget.

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