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Legend Farewell Giveaway

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Legend Farewell Giveaway



1st prize:

Metallic Meloetta (Aria)Dark Rotom (Pokedex)Shiny Pikachu (Belle)Shiny Togepi (Halloween)Dark Togepi (Halloween)Togepi (Halloween)Dark Arceus (Electric)Metallic Cubone (Vader)x2Mystic Cubone (Vader)x3Kyurem (Black)Kyurem (White)


2nd prize

 all xmas pokes I got


3rd prize

all norm legends(more than 50) I got


4th prize

all unique legends I got


5th prize

all cosmog stuff + alolan stuff I got


6th prize

All unique non legends


7th prize:

Dark Kyogre (Primal)+ 2 blue orbs


I will going to be regret on this .All my hardwork. 

need someone who take care of my ultimate thread.


I always helped others from the day I played the vortex now its time to say bye/good bye xD . Farewell guyz. :(


@seth1129400 I will never forget u. :(



Need 50 entries to start this giveaway.

Prize will announce till thursday.


Post ur ign/account name.



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