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Quest for Kanto Unique Dex

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Heeeey boys and girls, I'm starting this topic to see if some of you can help me reach my goal and to see if i can help some of you reach yours!

My goal right now it's to catch every unique from the Kanto (Generation 1) Region, including Megas but excluding Legends and Fossils.

I started this goal a couple of weeks ago so I only caught a few pokes.


Missing Pokes Right Now (List not finished because it's very time cosuming)



Dark BulbasaurDark IvysaurDark VenusaurDark CharmanderDark SquirtleDark WartortleDark BlastoiseDark Blastoise (Mega)Dark CaterpieDark MetapodDark ButterfreeDark WeedleDark KakunaDark BeedrillDark Beedrill (Mega)Dark PidgeyDark PidgeottoDark PidgeotDark Pidgeot (Mega)Dark RattataDark RaticateDark SpearowDark FearowDark EkansDark ArbokDark PikachuDark RaichuDark SandshrewDark SandslashDark Nidoran (F)Dark NidorinaDark NidoqueenDark Nidoran (M)Dark NidorinoDark NidokingDark ClefairyDark ClefableDark VulpixDark JigglypuffDark WigglytuffDark ZubatDark GolbatDark OddishDark GloomDark VileplumeDark ParasDark ParasectDark DiglettDark DugtrioDark MeowthDark PersianDark PsyduckDark GolduckDark MankeyDark GrowlitheDark PoliwagDark PoliwhirlDark PoliwrathDark MachopDark MachokeDark MachampDark WeepinbellDark TentacoolDark TentacruelDark GeodudeDark GravelerDark GolemDark MagnemiteDark MagnetonDark FarfetchdDark DoduoDark DodrioDark SeelDark DewgongDark GrimerDark MukDark ShellderDark CloysterDark GastlyDark HaunterDark GengarDark Gengar (Mega)














UFT (Ign: Ferradorandre)


Mystic EnteiShiny EnteiMetallic ReshiramDark Reshiram

4Shiny GrowlitheShiny Larvitar

3Shiny Fennekin

2Shiny SlugmaShiny TaurosCosmog

Shiny Castform (Fire)Shiny LitleoShiny InkayShiny ExeggcuteShiny TropiusShiny VolbeatShiny MiltankShiny SkarmoryShiny GlameowShiny EspurrShiny Seviper

How Does This Work

I'll be hunting for the uniques I'm missing but i'm also gonna caught every Shiny Pokemon I run in to and every Unique Legendary!

If I already have that Shiny or Unique Legend I'll put it up for trade!

There are no Rates you can offer whatever and maybe I just might accept it!

The Only Rule is that the OT of the pokes you offer has to be your own!


Hunting at the Moment (Fire Maps)


Most Wanted - 1 Shiny Bulbasaur

Second Plan - 4Shadow Bulbasaur 2Mystic Bulbasaur 3Metallic Bulbasaur 2Dark Bulbasaur

Bottom List - 3Dark Caterpie 3Mystic Caterpie 3Metallic Caterpie 2Shadow Caterpie 3Shiny Caterpie

                       4Dark Pidgey 3Mystic Pidgey 4Metallic Pidgey 4Shadow Pidgey 4Shiny Pidgey

                       2Dark Rattata 2Mystic Rattata 2Metallic Rattata 2Shadow Rattata 2Shiny Rattata

                       1Dark Lickitung 1Metallic Lickitung 1Shadow Lickitung 1Shiny Lickitung 

                       1Dark Mankey 2Mystic Mankey 2Shadow Mankey 1Shiny Mankey

                       2Dark Meowth 1Mystic Meowth 1Metallic Meowth 2Shadow Meowth 1Shiny Meowth

If you want some pokes from the map where I'm hunting tell me and maybe i'll run into it and i'll catch so we can trade for a fair offer!!!


Hunted Down Today





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Just a hint, you can use the bot command '!missing username' in the Vortex Discord server in the bot commands chat to instantly get a list of all Pokémon you're missing.

You can filter for just legendaries or event Pokémon as well.
I'm unsure whether you can filter per generation.

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1 minute ago, Auke1993 said:

I suppose you could also just link the page.
The only unfortunate thing then is that others have to specifically look at the Kanto Pokémon on the list, which may take a little while.

With time I'll add the pokes, you don't want anything from my trades or from the fire maps?

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1 minute ago, ferradorandre said:

looking for specific pokes or can be anything? I can hunt for some if you want

man i need these ones: 


Dark CarvanhaDark CaterpieDark ChinchouDark ChinglingDark CorphishDark CyndaquilDark DucklettDark EelektrikDark ElgyemDark EspurrDark GulpinDark HorseaDark IgglybuffDark KarrablastDark LickitungDark MareepDark PiplupDark Pumpkaboo (Average)Dark Pumpkaboo (Large)Dark RemoraidDark SeedotDark SewaddleDark Shellos (East)Dark ShinxDark ShroomishDark SmoochumDark SnoruntDark SolosisDark TaillowDark Wurmple


if you have any of these I can exchange for kanto starters you need and some other pokemon you need

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Here's what i want:

Dark Giratina
Dark Groudon (Primal)
Dark Kyogre
Dark Kyogre (Primal)
Dark Latias (Mega)
Dark Latios
Dark Mewtwo
Dark Mewtwo (Mega X)
Dark Mewtwo (Mega Y)
Dark Rayquaza
Groudon (Primal)
Kyogre (Primal)
Metallic Arceus
Metallic Giratina
Metallic Groudon (Primal)
Metallic Latias (Mega)
Metallic Latios (Mega)
Metallic Mewtwo
Mystic Arceus
Mystic Giratina
Mystic Groudon (Primal)
Mystic Kyogre (Primal)
Mystic Latios (Mega)
Mystic Manaphy
Mystic Mewtwo
Mystic Mewtwo (Mega X)
Mystic Rayquaza (Mega)
Mystic Victini
Mystic Xerneas (Active)
Shadow Arceus
Shadow Articuno
Shadow Cresselia
Shadow Groudon (Primal)
Shadow Kyogre (Primal)
Shadow Latios (Mega)
Shadow Mewtwo (Mega X)
Shadow Mewtwo (Mega Y)
Shiny Articuno
Shiny Darkrai
Shiny Deoxys
Shiny Entei
Shiny Giratina
Shiny Kyogre
Shiny Latias (Mega)
Shiny Latios
Shiny Latios (Mega)
Shiny Mewtwo (Mega X)
Shiny Phione
Shiny Rayquaza
Shiny Rayquaza (Mega)
Shiny Xerneas (Active)

If you find any,PM.

And ignore the primals and Eons.

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