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What is the difference between regular and other pokemon (ex. shiny, shadow, etc.)


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Shiny Pokémon have 25% more HP than Normal Pokémon and Dark Pokémon do 25% more damage than Normal Pokémon. Mystic Pokémon have a chance to scare the defending Pokémon whenever they attack (scaring is another status effect). Metallic Pokémon have 25% more defence than Normal Pokemon and Shadow Pokémon have immunity to status effects such as Sleep (Not yet added)

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15 minutes ago, Weltchester said:

I know shiny has a bit more hp but what is the effect of the others?


Shiny has more HP

Shadow i totally forgot lol maybe imune to poison/paralyzed/burn/frozen not sure??????

Metallic receives less damage then the others 

Mystic can get an opponent to get scared and skip turns not always but theres a good chance to get the opponent scared

Dark deals more damage tgen the rest a cetatin porcentage more damage when u attack 

Normal is just normal lol 

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