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Which Top Pokémon do you own?

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Think you have trained your Pokémon a lot? Go ahead post the Top Pokémon you own right now. 

For people who do not know how to check if your Pokémon is the Top Pokémon, go to the #bot-commands channel of the discord chat and type !top Pokémon Name.

P.S.: This thread is about the top pokemon (exp. wise), not about your favorite pokemon. You can check if you have any top pokemon on discord.


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I have a few top pokemon.

Shiny StunfiskShadow Nidoking are probably my best two. Stunfisk is at 7.3mil and Nidking around 3mil.


Good idea for a thread, maybe just add a little more of an explanation as I think some members are getting confused between top; with regards to exp, and top as in, "their favourite/best". :)

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I have plenty of top pokemon but the one I am mostly proud of is my Mystic Aria. Mystic Meloetta (Aria)
It's at 81st place on the Top Pokemon List with 32,306,000 exp. I plan to train it again soon. :3 

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2 minutes ago, Auke1993 said:

I just checked my top 10 Pokémon, and none are Top (anymore) for their species.
I know at least one of them was, if not two, a few weeks ago.
It seems I was overtaken during that time.

Go Go. Train Hard. I am sure you can overtake them again. :D 

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