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Text issue & Item bug

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I noticed that in the market when purchasing potions, etc., the hyper potion description text says it heals 200 points of HP. In battle I've seen a hyper potion heal 250 points of HP, which it says in the feed. I'm not sure if the heal amount is wrong or the text in Mart is wrong. The screenshot below is after using a hyper potion:



Also, I've noticed that, before purchasing anything from the Mart after initially signing in, the items are reset to default values like those when first starting the game. This gets fixed when the game has to update your inventory after making a purchase in the Mart.


Before, after first logging in:


After purchasing something from Mart:



Even before purchasing to update, the items are 100% useable. Meaning I could log out, log in, find a legendary or something, use the Master and Ultra Balls, log out, rinse and repeat. I've used the Ultras before because I hadn't noticed they weren't my items.


Please forgive if these thing were brought up before; I looked around the forums but didn't see anything about this. I've only been playing for about a week now so I'm still not familiar with everything lol.


Edit: I'm unfamiliar with how to post screenshots in forums. I'll update when I can figure out how.

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