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What is EXP trading, how does it work, and what does it do?


Exactly what it says. From reading anything I can on EXP trading on this site I have come to some theories, that your account's total EXP is the EXP of all your pokemon added up, but I don't know what that has to do with trading or if it's even correct. How do you know what EXP is legit? What is legit EXP?


Assume I joined this game like, a week ago.

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Hello Adamented, you're getting to experience the serious side of God today (heh, see what I did there :P). Below, you'll find a detailed explanation about "EXP" and it's role in Pokémon Vortex.


What is "EXP" ?

Well, "EXP," the short form for "Experience," is an amount that increases as you train your Pokémon in Pokémon Vortex. The "Level Cap," or, the max amount of level reached by a single Pokémon is Level 100 as you may know. After that, the level stops increasing and instead, "EXP" increases. Fighting 1, Level 100 Pokemon, against a team of 6 Level 100 Pokémon and beating that team should net you 3,000 Experience for your 1 Level 100 Pokemon. If you use 2 Level 100 Pokemon to beat said team, you'd receive half of 3,000 for each Pokémon, so 1,500 experience on each Pokémon you used. 


How does it work?

That above scenario about you using a Level 100 Pokémon to fight someone else's team should give you a rough idea about how much EXP is increased on a Pokémon. The maximum EXP obtainable (on 1 single Pokémon) is about 2.147 billion exp (no one has reached it yet). That should give you an idea about how tough it is to train EXP in general.


Why is EXP even important? Like who cares?

Well, EXP is something you can trade in this game and has a value associated with it. First of all, all of your accounts EXP, called "Total Experience" tells you how much experience your Pokémon Vortex account has on it in TOTAL. The more EXP you have, the more points you have. The more points you have, the higher you are on the "Top Trainer" list. EXP serves as something trainers can collect so that they may get more points. 


What is Total Experience? What is Average Experience? How to check your highest Experience Pokémon?

Total Experience, as I mentioned, is all the experience of ALL your Pokémon added up. Having a high total experience gives your account more points hence making it desirable. Average Experience is the average experience of all your Pokémon in your account. A bit of math is involved but basically if you divide your total EXP by the total amount of Pokémon you have you get an "average" number that serves as your average exp.

Below in the spoiler is a screenshot of my account's total and average experience. Obviously, the more Pokémon you have the more total experience you will have.



To check your Highest Experience Pokémon, just go to "View All Pokémon" and click the word, "EXP" and your Pokémon will be arranged from highest EXP to lowest EXP. Here's a screenshot in the spoiler below:




Legit EXP? What's that?

To get EXP, you must fight your Pokémon against someone else's Pokémon/Pokémon Team. This is a time consuming task and sadly, people "bot" EXP instead of training it themselves. "Botting" is using a third party or self-made, script or computer program, to automate the training of EXP on your Pokémon. This is the quickest way to obtain EXP BUT is illegal and results in a ban. Legit EXP is the name given to EXP that people "believe" to be non-botted, a.k.a "hand trained." Sadly, there are no guarantees that someone claiming they are giving "legit exp" is telling the truth. There is no way to check this claim. This leads to your next question...


What steps are being taken against botters and "non-legit EXP"?

The most obvious one is Patrick and Flamescape banning people who use bots to train EXP. Their account is not recoverable and all their progress is lost. Sadly, that doesn't get rid of the botted EXP. It gets around cause people trade for it without knowing that is was obtained unfairly in the first place. Since there is no way to find out the authenticity of EXP that is being traded for, it is advisable not to trade for EXP till V4 comes out. Why wait for V4? Simply put, Patrick plans to rid the game of all botted EXP and botters (hopefully) to preserve the integrity of the game and make it a more enjoyable experience (hehe, pun to start this and pun to end it).


Anyways, that should answer any questions you may have had. Let me know if you have any more or don't understand something. @Patrick @sportsandmusic69 can also help you and/or correct/add to the information provided.


Note to the moderator who closes the thread: I plan to make this into a guide since I think it may be useful. 

I also wrote this at 2 am in the morning, excuse any mistakes please.

EDIT: wow this is 15 mins I will never get back in my life xD

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4 minutes ago, GodsWithin said:

Hello Adamented, you're getting to experience the serious side of God today.


top notch pun 


On the topic of this thingy, you should also know that there is a Discord bot command for finding top pokemon.

Here's the format:

!top [enter pokemon name here, not case sensitive]

It shows you the pokemon you entered with the most exp in game.

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