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Offering money for Pokemons

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I there. I used to play the game in the previous versions, I also played this version in 2015 and now I'm back.
Being able to offer money for the Pokemons was a big part of the game for me.

Back then there were people who grinded and mostly used programs to get there Pokemon a lot of exp, and there were the pokemon catchers.

I used to caught every single Special Pokemon I could so I could sell them for 10k and make some proffit of it. And later, buy the Pokemons I love.

Without this, no one is willing to give me what I want without making the trade unfair for me.

I really loved that feature, and that was a big part of the game for me.
Probably you won't put that feature back, but why was it removed?

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Money is a currency, so it's not useless.
Nowadays it is because you can't do much with it.
But if you can offer to someone money like we used to do, it becomes important again.


There were 2 ways of playing the game.
Or you were a "Trainer" or a "Catcher" (you can be a mix of course).
And some people used to only battle, had a lot of Money and high exp Pokemon.
And the others were catcher, had a lot of Pokemons, a not much money.

This way, catcher used to sell pokemons to the trainers which made the whole market work properly.

Basicly, Pokemon Vortex used to have it's own economy, now if feels it's a free for all...

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