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Setting up and running your Forum Clan

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Setting up a Clan and Running it


This topic serves as a guide to whoever wants to set up and run their own clan. While the tips and suggestions given are helpful in your endeavor, they are just that, tips and suggestions, nothing more. Use your own decision making to forge your clan into the best you. The topic will be broken down into three sections; creating your clan, running your clan and details. 


Creating your clan

  • Before you actually create a clan, it is good to have a general objective or idea about the type of clan you want yours to be. Is it open to everyone, old members and new? or only to friends? 
    • An objective gives you a motive and allows you to have a vision you want to accomplish!
  • Create a clan in the clan section of the forums! Choose the privacy settings that you want it to have!
    • Privacy settings and an explanation can be found here. Also, remember to include rules in your clan post and remind everyone that the Global Forum Rules must be followed at all times!
  • Create an application that applicants who want to be members have to fill out! It is best to take general information like their in game name, their Discord and other information. See below for an example of an application.
    • Application Example:

      IGN (In game name) - 

      Discord ID/Name - 

      How active are you in game?

      How active are you on the forums?

      Are you an artist (can you help out with clan art)?


  • Advertise your clan to your friends on Pokemon Vortex! Give them links to your clan so that they may join.

  • Once you have a sizable amount of members, you may want to consider promoting a couple to become moderators for your clan!

    • Remember to choose people you trust, who are knowledgeable with forum and your clan rules and who have the best interests of your clan in mind. See below for an example application for a moderator:

    • Application Example:

    • Spoiler

      IGN (In game name) - 

      Discord ID/Name - 

      How active are you in game?

      How active are you on the forums?

      How active are you in this clan?

      Why would you like to be a clan moderator?

      What makes you best fit for this job?


  • Assemble your staff team and explain to them your goals for the clan and conduct meetings to find out how you can achieve that!


So at this point you've probably set up your clan, got a decent amount of members and are running it on the forums. Now what? Well, you want to maintain your clan and help it remain active!


Running your clan

  • Hold clan exclusive giveaways and contest!
    • Ask if any generous member would like to donate for a clan giveaway or use some of your Pokemon!
  • Create interesting topics and promote and encourage activity!
    • Remember, a clan is only as good as its leader!
  • Think of ways to make your clan unique! Maybe if you have a trade thread, offer a discount to fellow clan members!
  • Create an in game clan to go along with your forum clan once V4 comes out with the clan feature.
  • Make your clan welcoming and a fun place to be by keeping everyone involved!



  • The "details" section is a WIP that will be refined as more tips and tricks are discovered over time!


Guys, remember, a clan is here to be fun and with a bit of planning and organization, you will have loads of it! Hope these tips helped!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, @Patrick can and will add anything if he sees fit that may be of help. Thanks Pat!

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