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Alola guys,
It was my result this Wednesday i.e. 07/08 and I didn't got much but just 87% wish I get above 90% in my boards exam for EVENT GIVEAWAY
I was very happy so I decided to do a giveaway
Only 1 person will win
It's not much but just a 789
Enter your Ign and select a number between 1 to 100
winners will be selected after 2 days or more

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4 minutes ago, adrsh2146 said:




3 minutes ago, Sujeet218 said:

Adrsh2146 what is your username


5 minutes ago, Sujeet218 said:

i am sujeet218


6 minutes ago, Sujeet218 said:

Hi i like quizes .   I  like hoopa (unpound) i will give you what you want my username is Sujeet218



2 minutes ago, adrsh2146 said:

same as my name adarsh2146


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