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HHH123s Welcome Back Trade center!

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HELLO Guys Its me hhh123 and im Back for vortex , I just wanna say i was gone for 6 to 13 months (dunno exactly) And i was getting bored so i wanted to make a whole new Topic Lets start Trading !



2 × Metallic Furfrou
2 × Metallic Rattata
2 × Metallic Spheal
3 × Metallic Vulpix
3 × Mystic Houndour
2 × Mystic Larvesta
3 × Mystic Lotad
2 × Mystic Volbeat
2 × Onix
2 × Shadow Drilbur
2 × Shadow Eevee
2 × Shadow Flabebe (Orange)
2 × Shadow Hawlucha
2 × Shadow Minccino
2 × Shadow Ponyta
2 × Shadow Trapinch
2 × Shiny Burmy (Sand)
2 × Shiny Maractus
2 × Shiny Nidoran (F)
2 × Shiny Riolu
2 × Shiny Sewaddle
2 × Shiny Trapinch Dupes Are these and now For Singles check my ign hhh123uniques for more uniques!



Dark%20Palkia.gifDark%20Shaymin.gifDark%20Virizion.gifDarkrai.gifDarkrown.gifDeoxys.gifDialga.gifDiancie.gifDiancie%20(Mega).gifGenesect.gifGiratina.gifGroudon.gifHo-oh.gifKyurem.gifx2Latias.gifLatias%20(Mega).gifx2Latios.gifLugia.gifManaphy.gifMesprit.gifMetallic%20Lugia.gifMetallic%20Reshiram.gifMetallic%20Thundurus.gifMystic%20Jirachi.gifMystic%20Kyurem.gifMew.gifMystic%20Moltres.gifMystic%20Zapdos.gifMystic%20Zekrom.gifPalkia.gifPhione.gifRaikou.gifRayquaza%20(Mega).gifx2 Regice.gifRegigigas.gifx2Registeel.gifReshiram.gifRotom.gifx2Shadow%20Kyurem.gifShadow%20Raikou.gifShadow%20Rotom.gifShadow%20Zekrom.gifShadow%20Zygarde.gifShaymin.gifShaymin%20(Sky).gifShiny%20Cobalion.gifShiny%20Sylveon.gif(RARE)Suicune.gifTerrakion.gifThundurus.gifTornadus.gifx2Victini.gifXerneas%20(Active).gifx2Virizion.gifx2Yveltal.gifx2Zapdos.gifZekrom.gifx3Zygarde.gifand behold my rarest masterpiece : Magikarpx1



Shiny%20Groudon%20(Primal).gifDeoxys (Speed)



lol gone

                                                                                                                                       And thats all , i know my events have lowered so much i cant believe myself , but reason was i did giveaway my fancies unique and pokeballs on pm discord long time ago , so thanks for visiting and do come again , as for me ill be trying my best to keep up with vortex!

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1 minute ago, TheLonelySavage said:


hahahahhaahhaha back on track?


Just now, VITOL said:


put nau the mystic electric uft and we´ll offer like bastards xD

vitol i clearly dont understand a single word u say

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